How to Ensure a Prolific Kale Crop From Your Garden

Kale has become a staple in several peoples' diets.  There is nothing like grabbing your scissors and snipping fresh kale for dinner from the garden!

 Here are some secrets that can maximize your yield:

  1. Space your seedlings at least 12-14 inches when planting. This will maximize sunlight, allow proper aeration, and minimize potential disease.
  2. Feed your soil with a nitrogen based organic fertilizer every 10 days to give a burst of energy to the plants ( remember to keep 3 inches away from the base)
  3. Proactively, spray an organic insecticide with seedlings to present unwanted pests chomping on your immature leaves 
  4. Harvest the kale leaves from the bottom initially, which will allow the plant to continue to grow. You can harvest from May through November with a successful crop.