The Secrets to Helping your Tomatoes Grow…… WASSUP?

There are specific steps you can take during the growth process to increase your chances of a bountiful tomato Harvest





Up Not Out- Suckers



Water- Tomatoes require 1-2 inches of Water per week. Water deeply, but not daily. Shallow watering will prevent the development of deep and solid Roots

Aerate- Tomatoes require air flow throughout the plant to minimize disease. Pruning (see below) and ample sunlight will maximize this,

Spray-   To minimize the chance of disease (Specifically Tomato Blight), Periodically spray an organic copper fungicide every 10 days or so once the tomato begins to flower

Secure – Once your plant develops fruit, it becomes rather heavy. Whatever Trellising technique you use (Cage, Stake or String Trellis), it important to periodically tie the stem as it grows with soft material (String, Twine Yarn) which will prevent damaging the plant 

 Up Not Out- Tomato suckers or side shoots are the growths that appear in the junction between the stem and a branch of a tomato plant. Removing them (pinching or cutting) during the early periods of growth will allow the tomato to focus on upward growth.

Prune- Removing the lower leaves on the tomato plant will minimize disease, as the leaves will not come in contact with the soil which prevents water penetration and wetness.

 Feed:  The letter “F” didn’t fit in the word but is important to mention that providing nutrition to your plant throughout the process is extremely important. Find a nitrogen based organic product!