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Pike Lane Gardens 101: Creating your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

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An Online streaming series with Certified Master Gardener Adam Weiss. You will grow and eat your own organic vegetables!!

This is your opportunity to FINALLY learn about organic vegetable Gardening!

Whether it is enjoying boxes of lettuces on your balcony or harvesting Heirloom Tomatoes in your backyard raised beds, this series will introduce to the joys of preparing, planting and harvesting your own organic vegetables.

The initial FREE streamed course will be held on Saturday April 18th.

It will give you a “taste” of what are the steps involved in beginning the process. You will actually learn how to plant lettuces during the orientation class!!

If you would like to be introduced to the world of organic vegetable gardening as well as learn about the details of the actual Spring/Summer Series, please email info@pikelanegardens.com.

Details to join the Initial Streaming Class (live from Pike Lane Gardens via Zoom) will be forwarded closer to the April 18th Date.

See you in the garden!