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Four-season Gardening Package (4 Kits/ 7 Online Classes/1-1 Private)

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This package will provide both the urban or rural introductory gardener with the ability to grow vegetables throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It includes 4 seasonal DIY kits with video presentations that are sent out in winter, spring, summer and fall. There are multiple online classes on how to plant, care and harvest your vegetables as well as  a 1-hour consultation with me at the beginning of the year to formulate your overall garden plan! 

Package includes:

4 Seasonal DIY Kits to grow vegetables from the winter to the fall

Participant to Provide 1.5 Cubic Foot of Organic Potting Soil for Kit #2

 In order to maintain freshness, participant to provide 4 pickling cucumbers (from your garden!) & a small bunch of fresh dill for Kit #3

Kit #1: Indoor Seed Starting Kit with all the components to grow Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, Red Russian Kale & Genovese Basil.

Kit includes:

  1. Growing tray
  2. 3 Varieties of Pike Lane Gardens Summer vegetable seeds
  3. 3 inch Peat Pots
  4. Seed Markers

 Date to be sent out: Zone 1- Week of 1/9/23

                                      Zone 2- Week of  3/6/23

Kit #2: How to grow leaf Lettuces and Cucumbers with introduction to salad dressings.

Kit includes:

  1. 5 Gallon Grow Bag
  2. Spring Lettuce
  3. Supremo Cucumber Seeds
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Date to be sent out: Zone 1-  Week of 2/27/23

                                      Zone 2- Week of  4/3/23

Kit #3: Making Garlic Dill pickles and pickling techniques to store your summer vegetables.

Kit includes:

  1. 1 Qt Ball Jar
  2. Pickling Salt
  3. Dill Seeds
  4. Head of Soft Neck Garlic
  5. Bay Leaves

 Date to be sent out: Zone 1- Week of 6/13/23

                                      Zone 2- Week of  7/17/23

Kit #4: All about garlic - planting your own hard neck garlic and having fun in the kitchen creating Garlic Crostinis

Kit includes:

  1. Grow Bag
  2. 2 Varieties of Hard Neck Garlic
  3. Garlic Press
  4. Garlic Peeler
  5. Garlic Brush

*Participant to to re use Organic Potting Soil from Kit #2, and will amend with organic fertilizer (which should already be purchased earlier in the year.)

 Date to be sent out:  Zone 1 & 2 -Week of 10/2/23

Online classes: Includes 7 different online  20-30 minute classes dedicated to improving your knowledge of the following topics: 

  1. What do I want to plant versus what I can plant in my garden
  2. Container versus raised Bed Garden- which is best for my location
  3. How to plant and care for your spring garden
  4. How to plant and care for your summer garden
  5. Watering, Weeding and Pruning- The big three to increase your success for a bountiful harvest
  6. Protecting your garden from animals, pests, and disease.
  7. How to plant a fall garden to enjoy vegetables through the holiday season

* 1 Hour Personalized Virtual Consultation with Adam

Adam will work with you directly to develop a specific garden plan for your available growing space via zoom, webex or teams platforms.