Recommended Products

Here are some handpicked products that can help you along during the spring season for your garden. This section will be updated with items throughout the growing seasons! 

  • Soil Analysis Kit  

    Soil Analysis Kit

    Take samples from your garden and received a detailed review of PH, nutrient content, and steps to take to amend your soil for the growing season PROMO CODE: Pikelane 10% Discount

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  • PH Tester  

    PH Tester

    An easy way to test your soil for PH to confirm the 6.2- 6.8 range for optimal growing

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  • Granulated Sulphur  

    Granulated Sulphur

    The key soil amendment to LOWER PH

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  • Dolomite Lime  

    Dolomite Lime

    The Key soil amendment to RAISE your Ph

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