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Pike Lane Gardens was born out of Adam Weiss desire to share his love of organic vegetable Gardening. He has developed various programs that company participants can connect with the earth, and grow and care for nutritious, healthy and amazing tasting organic vegetables.

  • Why is a corporate organic vegetable gardening program so valuable?

  • Organic Gardening provides an activity that contributes to team member well being. 
  • Organic Gardening programs teach associates to enjoy the Health Benefits of eating fresh produce.
  • Organic Gardening is a tool to support Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
  • Organic Gardening allows you to Connect with the Earth and get your hands dirty regardless of your available growing space.
  • Organic Gardening is tremendously satisfying.
Program Overview

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"This is by far one of my favorite programs our company has offered. Gardening is a main hobby of mine and I love learning new things. Adam is extremely knowledgeable, and I hope this continues. I have had many colleagues wish they had joined and looking forward to next year. Thank you!"

    How to create a 4 Season Home Garden

  • Winter - Planning your garden

  • Spring - Direct Seeding

  • Summer - Caring for your Garden

  • Fall - Enjoying an additional season of vegetables

  • Determine what you want to grow versus what you can grow before planting 
  • Develop and plan a Floor Plan for your container or raised bed garden in advance
  • Start your summer vegetables from seeds indoors versus buying at a garden store
  • Amend your garden soil with organic nutrients to provide the optimal growing medium
  • Once planting your seeds, make sure to keep the soil moist until germination
  • Create a succession planting schedule to extend the harvesting period for lettuces, arugula, carrots, beets and radishes.
  • Your garden needs TLC during the warm summer month by pruning, trellising, etc. 
  • Be proactive by checking your  plants consistently for potential disease and pests and take the necessary steps to treat organically
  • Dont be a premature picker!  Let your vegetables grow to their maturity date which will to provide you with optimal flavor and amazing taste!
  • The season doesn't end with your last tomato. Plant your fall seeds in late August to enjoy cool weather vegetables in October and November 
  • Garlic goes into the  ground late October! Find your favorite hard neck garlic varieties, plant them in your beds or containers and enjoy harvesting your own the following summer. 
  • Putting your garden to sleep for the season by removing all weeds, old plants, and storing your trellises gives you a head start for the following spring!

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