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Welcome to Pike Lane Gardens

Pike Lane Gardens was born out of Adam Weiss' desire to share his love for organic vegetable gardening. All courses are taught right from the beds of his personal gardens in Woodstock, New York. LEARN MORE >

Summer Series – Harvesting Vegetables from your Organic Garden

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“Adam Weiss is the garden whisperer! He creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate with their gardening questions. Follow him as he designs and prepares his own garden in the spring through the steps of fertilizing, pest management, staking and harvesting. 

Adam’s online classroom is a rich resource for methods, materials and specific vendors and products that I would never have found on my own!”

Judy H.

"We have been earnest about organic vegetable gardening for about 10 years but the learning process is ongoing. There are always new challenges whether weather, soil or pest related.

What we like about Adam’s class of 30 or so students from various climes is he manages to keep it personal, like we have a private tutor. We learned a lot in just 3 classes and have applied what we learned to our garden. Can’t wait to see the results!"

Robert I. & Craig W.

Creating and Harvesting your Organic Vegetable Garden - 3 class series

Event Ended – See Details

Creating Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden – Free Orientation, 4/18/2020

Event Ended – See Details