Private  Vegetable Gardening  Lesson

Meet Adam

As a result of the COVID pandemic of 2020, Adam pivoted from managing his hospitality consulting company to creating Pike Lane Gardens. His connections to the corporate community provided the platform for him to introduce his wellness and sustainability programs to forward thinking companies.

He is truly passionate about vegetable gardening! He is a master gardener and has mentored with key Hudson Valley organic farmers.

Adam reflects:

“After 23 years of vegetable gardening, I still get the thrill of harvesting a carrot or digging my hands into the soil and pulling out purple potatoes. My mission is to create that same passion with new gardeners by teaching the foundations of organic gardening. They can share their stories, challenges and triumphs with their co-workers and family! “(and eat amazing vegetables of course!) “

He has been a contributing editor to Men’s Journal Magazine, Food Management and, taught adult education courses with Bard College and hosted a weekly radio segment " In the Garden with Adam" on WDST, Radio Woodstock. 

His passions included walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, Cycling the Boston to NY Aids Ride, co leading international yoga retreats with his wife and creating recipes from his organic gardens.

He lives in Woodstock NY with his wife of 35 years, Laura.