“Adam Weiss is the garden whisperer! His organic gardening classes are a must for gardeners of all levels. He is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of organic gardening.

Everyone from the beginning gardener to those with considerable knowledge will find his course exciting. He creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate with their gardening questions.

Follow him as he designs and prepares his own garden in the spring through the steps of fertilizing, pest management, staking and harvesting. Adam’s online classroom is a rich resource for methods, materials and specific vendors and products that I would never have found on my own!”

– Judy H.

"I’d always been envious when I heard people talk about their gardens. When I found out that master gardener, Adam Weiss, was running a zoom class, I knew this was going to be the season to try my hand at it.

I had 2 concerns. One was that I managed to kill all the potted vegetables plants I’d bought over the years, and the second was I’d have to use what little space I had on my deck to create my garden. Adam guided me and the rest of the class, who consisted of people of all ages, from different states, with different spaces to utilize, on how to get started. You could see his love of gardening and it came through in his presentations. It was contagious and I can’t wait to see and eat what I’ve planted!"

– Andrea D.

"Educational. Engaging. And even entertaining! I’m an experienced gardener, but have never taken a class. The Pike Lane Gardens class has been so much fun.

Adam accommodates all levels of gardener, imparting his green-thumb Master Gardener wisdom in an accessible format—accompanied by mini-lectures, drawings, photographs, and weather permitting live garden sessions. I highly recommend! "

– Rochelle M.

"This online gardening class has been great fun and full of useful information that my husband and I have been putting to use immediately as we've begun planning and planting.

We just sowed our first cucumbers and are looking forward–among other things–to the final session on pickling!"

– Allison K.
"It was very helpful to hear your answers to others questions and in simple terms. I also appreciated the sharing of yours and others gardens and the advice on some of the veggies I can grow together.

I so look forward to finishing my garden and picking your brain some more. Thank you for including those of us who live in other climates. :)"

– Mignon T.
"Adam Weiss’s gardening classes (Pike Lane Gardens-Creating an Organic Vegetable Garden) were a series of three very informative online sessions that were perfect for the beginning gardener as well as the more experienced. He covered everything from garden sites and floor plans to what vegetables to grow to best suit your needs and tastes, when and how to plant those vegetables and, finally, caring for the plants as they grow.!"
– Linda F.
"Six summers ago, when I planted my very first garden, I didn't know the difference between an annual and a perennial. After much reading, Googling, and befriending many a plant-nursery employee, I'm no longer a know-nothing novice. However, it wasn't until I completed Adam Weiss' three-session gardening class this spring that I felt I could confidently call myself "a gardener!"
– Lori M.
"The summer series from Pike Lane Gardens is exactly what you need to help kickstart your gardening adventure. Each class is truly unique, packed with necessary information, great tips, and lots of fun! Adam's passion and knowledge on the topic clearly shows as he is able to answer all of your specific planting questions and help you tailor your garden to fit your exact needs."
– Kerri H.

"In the midst of a crazy time, getting together visually through zoom was a true bright spot for me.

Personally, I moved this past year so I have yet to develop my garden but have a few garden boxes I have done. I learned more in our first zoom class about soil, placement & time to plant then I had growing up in a family owned landscaping business!"

– Justine O.
"We have been earnest about organic vegetable gardening for about 10 years but the learning process is ongoing. There are always new challenges whether weather, soil or pest related.

What we like about Adam’s class of 30 or so students from various climes is he manages to keep it personal, like we have a private tutor. We learned a lot in just 3 classes and have applied what we learned to our garden. Can’t wait to see the results!"

– Robert I. & Craig W.