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Composting 101 & Pike Lane Gardens Countertop Compost Bin with Video Presentation

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This is a topic that we all should understand and the many reasons how it can positively impact our environment.

This countertop bin can allow you to discard your food scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells  into an unobtrusive unit that is easy to access.  It comes with recyclable bags for easy cleanup .This bin, made from biodegradable bamboo fiber is perfect, compact, and easy to use for your home.

The filtered lid helps to absorb from off gassing and includes a bamboo handle for hassle- free transport.  

There are several pickup and drop off services throughout towns and cities throughout the United States. By you doing your share, we have the ability to improve soils for farmers, parks and meadows.

Adam will also discuss the following during the video presentation:

     Why should I be thinking about composting in the first place

     What items are compostable?

     How to contribute to the process from your urban home.

     How to create your own compost for your outdoor garden.

     Demonstration of a countertop compost bin.

We all can make a difference!